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Hi, My name is Michael Ducille and I found a passion in making really cool videos that inspire myself and other people to take action and transform. I host a weekly conference call for my book club. We read one book per month collectively and discuss the key points on this call. On my spare time, I eat chicken fingers because I am young at heart, and manage a digital advertising agency doing online marketing for clients.

I have learned the importance of building a brand and even creating something out of nothing. It was through hard work, dedication and consistency that I built The 1 Percent Mindset. I never thought one of my very first videos about reading one book a month would turn into what now is a brand I am proud of. I have worked with countless partners to host events and speaking engagements throughout NYC.

At any point in time feel free to reach out to me for questions, brainstorming, networking or whatever is on your mind. I know that people build people and people also build businesses.


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